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Peace Coffee is a beloved Minnesota brand that dutifully lives its values every day. Over 20-plus years, they have managed to stay independent while larger companies acquired their competitors. Over the past few years, we’ve worked with Peace Coffee on a wide variety of projects. Our latest goal was to reign in a brand that had evolved as organically as the coffee it represents.

In addition to defining, refining, and documenting the brand, we provided a lot of design support – including identity, graphics, print, apparel, packaging, retail, and environmental. Our support also included digital services, from UI and UX design to social media and email marketing.

Instead of 'revolution,' we focussed on 'evolution.' We did a lot of good work on short timelines and limited budgets. We successfully set the stage for ‘what comes next.' We created greater continuity between business units. And we helped Peace Coffee improve their marketing practices – including project definition, creative execution, project management, and asset management.