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The Banjo Brothers have been one of our favorite Minneapolis bicycle brands for years. In addition to producing tough, practical, and affordable bike bags, their modest demeanor seemingly prevents them from getting too big for their britches. After years of working with a hybrid e-commerce solution, they asked us to facilitate their migration to Shopify.

Our original task was creative – including theme research, selection, design, configuration, and custom font integration. Our role quickly grew to include SEO consulting – mostly revolving around the content structure and 301 redirects – and the implementation of various Shopify apps needed to support ancillary functions.

The transition was a big success! The new website reinvigorated the fan base and increased sales with no negative impact on search results. In addition to better promotional and analytics tools, Shopify simplified the order management process and significantly reduced fulfillment times. And thanks to a diligent client, the entire project only took one month to complete.